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Flat Cable For Submersible pump

A submersible Pump cable is a specialized product to be used for submersible pumps in a deep well. The area of installation is physically restrictive, and the environment is very hostile. Platima is designed and manufactured keeping in mind these factors to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability.

Cable Structure
Generally Conforms to, CENELEC HD 21, UL-83, IEC 60227, BS 6500, DIN VDE 0281, IS 694
Copper : EC flexible copper generally conforms to IEC 60228, DIN VDE 0295,IS 8131
Insulation : PVC insulation compound TI-1
Outer Sheath : Special PVC : Black, Blue
*Any other Color on specific request can also be supplied
Cable Features
  • Good insulation properties when submerged in winter
  • Quality backed by 40 years experience in cable industry
  • Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
  • Longer Flex Life
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties
  • Generally Conforming to : CENELEC HD 21, IEC 60227, UL-83, BS 6500, DIN VDE 0281, IS 694
  • Approved by GWSSB, GWRDC, TWAD, PHED, PSTC, ONGC, Railways, Mines etc
  • Tested by SGS, EIL, RITES, NPC
PVC Flat - 3 & 4 Core : Platima submersible pump cables are used as supply and control cables for engines for submersible pumps, underwater lighting, and floating switches etc. up to the depth of 500 m and water temperature up to +75°C. These cables are ideal for outer installations in dry, moist and wet environments but however not suitable for explosive areas.

Standard length cable packing : Coils 100, 200,300 and 500, 1000m. in wooden reels

3 Core Flat Cables in Copper Conductor with PVC vs. XLPE Core Insulation