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PVC / XLPE Control Cables

Elastomer (rubber) is an insulating material with high dielectric strength having a decent property of flexiblity ,the Elastorneric cables are suitable for applications for electric iron leads , reeling &unreeling application in mining, heater leads ,elevators cranes & other high dielectric & flexible application.

There are various type of compounds according to the grade & properties as per IS:6380 Such as a general purpose, heat resisting & high temperature insulation. The elastomeric cables are suitable for use where the combination of ambient temperature & temperature - rise due to load remains stable up to the following limits in the conductors.

PLATIMA CABLES is one of the leading manufacturers of varieties of Elastomeric Cables made of Natural and various types of Synthetic rubber compounds. The compounds based on EPR, CSP,NBR-PVC,EVA,Silicon are made in the most modernised plant by highly skilled hands to suit the specific operational regiments, continous R & D and upgraded production technology are the main features of Elastomeric Cables Division at Platima Cables. The cables are manufactured in compliance with every National and International Standards. The Design Engineers at Platima Cables renders every assistance to the customer in designing a cables for any critical application
  • Elasomeric cables and flexible cords for power and lighting.
  • Welding cables (General purpose and HOFR types).
  • Ship wiring cables and cables for submerged connections.
  • Railways locomotives and coach wiring cables.
  • Cables for engineering and chemical industries.
  • Mining cables-Flexible Trailing, Coal Cutter, Pliable armoured and Land Line Cables upto 11 kv
  • Cables for wind electric generators (Wind mill projects).
  • Silicon rubber insulated high temperature cable.
  • Flame retardent, fire resistant,LFH and FS cables.
  • Elastomeric compounds for insulating and sheathing of cables are formulated to meet the requirement of IS : 6380,BS 6899,IEC 60502 and other international specification.

Anealed tinned Copeer conductors Solid (Class I ), Stranded (Class 2),flexible (class 5) complying with the requirement of IS 8130-1984.
Separator Tape
A Polyester (Melinex)tape to be applied over the conductor.
  • General service elastomer type IE1 of IS 6380-1984
  • Heat Resisting insulation Type IE2 & IE3 of IS 6380-1984
  • Silicon Rubber Insulation Type IE5 OF is :63so-1984